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Realty Sumo

Realty Sumo



Helping real estate brokers/agents capture and manage leads better.

Back-end developer

We set out on a mission to make real estate easier for not only the consumer, but the agents. Most agents have outdated websites and often outdated technology. We've been meeting with industry professionals the last 7 months, doing radio interviews and have gotten great feedback. Now we need to get a functional product going! We are aiming to make it easier for brokers in a few ways. One, by managing their agents and their finances. After all, agents are an investment to the Broker and every dime counts. We update ALL of their technology, we've partnered with HouseFax, RealtyZam and Repree so they can provide the consumer with better tools when searching for a home and ultimately when they take the first step in the home buying process. We connect lenders into the system so they can get a head start on any loan applications,etc. Since they do play a key role in the process. (Unless you have heaps of cash laying around!) I'd love to get some dialogue going and get some of the awesome members here involved!

Up to 45% of equity.


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