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Mobile Dating App

Concepted, Wireframed and building skins

Not another "tindr" simply a well designed and thought out product with a unique take on matchmaking.


A BIT ABOUT US: We are a professional design studio with a focus on branding, marketing and UX design. We have concepted, completed the initial wireframes and are in the process of designing skins to help start building the brand and marketing/distribution portion of an app that is looking to challenge social dating apps like tindr and grindr. We have a alternate approach to the problems they have overcome and our app, Hyved, irons out the issues they have created. We are experienced designers and passionate about this product. WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for an individual or individuals to help produce a prototype of Hyved. We are looking for bright students or industry professionals, with a good knowledge of Java development and working within the Android ecosystem. Experience with working with the Facebook SDK will be a large advantage. As will experience in developing API's though at this point this is not a vital requisite. We are not looking for a distribution ready application at this point, we are looking for a prototype/proof of concept/alpha version of Hyved. We are aiming to secure funding prior to the beta build phase. WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: This is an equity based project, we are investing our own skills and experience into the project. As designers we also do understand that being asked to work for free is not ideal but we truly value your skill and hope you will value ours as well. We are looking for a long term relationship with the right person to become our permanent CTO. We are extremely passionate and focused on this project, we have contacts ready for our pitch when we have an alpha product to display. We are confident of securing funding for this project when ready. We are not dreamers and understand the risk in mass market app creation, however we are confident in our own abilities in our fields and we are simply looking for people with a similar level of confidence in theirs. We are offering a part of a potentially multi million dollar company. ELEVATOR PITCH: Are you the next Systrom, Krieger or Zuckerberg? The next big things don't always have to come from accelerators or incubators. If you want to be part of an exciting start-up but have the freedom of not being trapped in a hipster den, then we are the one for you. Don't be the one in five years talking about how you could have got in on the ground floor at Hyved. Sinatra had to few regrets to mention, but missing out on working with us on Hyved would have certainly been a notable regret. Don't ruin the lyrical balance of that song! This is a legitimate opportunity in an industry filled with pipedreams, bet with us and win big. Thanks for you time and we hope to hear from you soon, The Hyved Team

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