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IDK yet

IDK yet


No developement whatsoever

You see the direction your facing right now? Yeah you're facing freaking Stonehenge

People who can build apps

I have an idea for an app. I don't know what to call it yet but I like the idea of it. The idea came to me randomly while I was outside. I just thought to myself "I wonder if I'm standing like right in front of the statue of liberty right now, or the pyramids, or even Mt. Rushmore." And when I say standing right in front of I mean like if I walked in the direction I was facing for however many days I would eventually stand right in front of these monuments and wonders. The way it would work is the app would use Google Maps to find the coordinates of these landmarks relative to your location. You could enter the name of any landmark and the phone would tell you which direction you need to turn to face it. Or you could just turn on a sort of "explore" feature that would let you just rotate and tell you what landmark you're standing in front of. The app could also tell you how many other people have faced the landmark. It could also show you a picture of what the landmark would look like if you where standing right in front of it. I want the design of the app to have a simple flat looking interface with simple colors. I also want to make the app free in app market places.

No money cause I'm a highschool student


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