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Android & iOS

We're currently designing the app.

Groupees allows users to add music from their music library and share it with anybody they know by making a combined playlist together.


The user creates a special chat group for family, friends, colleagues or any other acquaintances. After adding his friends they all add up to 10 songs to the group. Now all group members can listen to the songs that have been added as a playlist, favourite or like them, follow the one who added the song and listen to their personal playlist. After 24 hours all songs will disappear and the group members can add new music again. Or just chat with each other. We will also allow users to discover new songs that they would enjoy. This feature is called Randomize. After adding up to 10 songs from their music library to the “Randomize” feature, they will be joined to a group of up to 15 random people who each added up to 10 songs. Users can choose if they would like to hear music from the same genre or style they've added or let Groupees choose for them. With the info from their music library, and previous "favorites" Groupees will have the possibility to combine people with songs that they all will probably like. Users can now discover new songs, follow or talk to the people in the group. The playlist will be available for 12 hours after that it will dissolve and the musical adventure will start over. Groupees automatically make a playlist of anything the user will "Favorite". He can play any of those favorites anytime he likes. There is also a "history" page, where he can hear anything that has played previously, just in case he didn't get a chance to favorite a song, but would still like to hear it again.

Compensation will be discussed.


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