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available on Google Play

The mission of ManUp is to keep you out of the doghouse...


The mission of ManUp is to keep you out of the doghouse. Forgot her birthday, oops?! Forgot your anniversary, sh*t?! Well consider that a thing of the past. Not only can you easily store and access your partner’s vital information, we also provide you with links and suggestions that will make you the King of the Castle! Some of you may be thinking “but won’t she take offense to that fact that I need an app to remember all this about her?” Well, our research determined that even the women polled who were taken aback eventually became huge proponents of it. Basically, they want to be treated well, so the mechanism to ensure that it happens is somewhat superfluous. Currently, ManUp is available on Google Play. We are seeking a skilled developer to refine the app and add additional functionality. A software design spec document is available for this app.

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