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User Name Overview Status Offering Likes  
Rebel cool idea niche social app Design framework of phase one complete Partnership and revenue share 1 Details
rkozuch Rant-dom Unheard of combination of Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat functionality to create something entirely novel Idea with finished requirements list Generous equity depending on contribution 0 Details
zharris4 Realty Sumo Helping real estate brokers/agents capture and manage leads better. Pre-Orders Up to 45% of equity. 1 Details
troyken Prizify Prizify is a way where anyone can turn the things they have into prizes others can win. Early Stages Equal Partners. 1 Details
heelcurve5 Social media content management tool A central hub to manipulate content on multiple social media sites In Development Depends on the contribution 0 Details
Earlhind Crunchh Accounting made easier via digital receipts Planning stage Equity to be discussed 0 Details
Jay Fitness Startup need programmer to get started Have the blueprint Co-Founder status (33.33% of company) 2 Details
PJ_Productions Spacin Online MMO Spacin Online is a 3D Space Simulation project pioneering profit sharing position within our team of artists 0 Details
agelman Hotel OS Hotel operating system/property manager software Design Negotiable 0 Details
axel995 CarryIT CarryIt is an App-Based carry-delivery network. early Stage 35% of the business 0 Details
amorlovedesinger New in town This is a social app. Where people moving or changing cities can find basic information and comments that locals write/share. on the books I am offering 20% of the revenue. 0 Details
troyken mennue mennue is your super-simple, super-helpful dining out assistant Early Stages Equal equity split. 3 Details
Simon Valcauda Streetler Social Network and Geolocalisation Street Art Mobile Application Seeking Developer and Graphist Associate 0 Details
TheHyvedTeam Hyved Not another "tindr" simply a well designed and thought out product with a unique take on matchmaking. Concepted, Wireframed and building skins Equity tbd 1 Details
Thomas Wren Web projects with 2 successful Entrepreneurs We have 3 projects (2 with premium domains) that require the build now. Business plans in place, up to 33% of the business on offer Business plan in place, technical design awaiting Up to 33% of our business 0 Details
jboud51 IDK yet You see the direction your facing right now? Yeah you're facing freaking Stonehenge No developement whatsoever No money cause I'm a highschool student 0 Details
kamo Social Network A social network app and website 20% Partner 1 Details
Gstreyewwwwww Satire Comedy Site A satire news site that obviously provides satire news articles along with extras to make it better than the rest Building team To be discussed 0 Details
tootizzle Analyst Wizard This app will be designed for investors / stock exchange users / business analysts to make their lives easier (and hopefully generate a lot of money!) Just an idea Negotiable 0 Details
samuel Stuart The Student App An App that has everything a student needs (diary, timetable, school websites, exam calendar...) Student $100 USD 1 Details
Groupees Technologies Groupees Groupees allows users to add music from their music library and share it with anybody they know by making a combined playlist together. We're currently designing the app. Compensation will be discussed. 1 Details
Mpatte Friendzone Phone app that uses interests and compatibility factors combined with geographic proximity to facilitate real-life social gatherings Idea 50% equity, partnership in the growing business. 0 Details
Thomas Petersen Fun Analytics for the rest of us Designed Own this project with me. 1 Details
Jenny Lipsey Trendsetters Interactive and made for everyone! Needs Developer A payment and equity in the revenue (Amounts: TBD) 0 Details
Angel Moreno Elasticsearch Web GUI I would like to open-source a few tools I have developed to provide something like PHPMyAdmin but for Elasticsearch Concept The tool would be opensource 4 Details
210Productions ManUp The mission of ManUp is to keep you out of the doghouse... available on Google Play a compensation package will be discussed 0 Details
john mark New type of Drummer Pedal for the Base Drum New Pedal that produces multiple beats per foot depression Idea 50% 0 Details
Drew Amato Larm Larm is an alarm clock that is disabled by scanning a barcode. Concept Equity in potential earnings 0 Details
Ray Hintz Mimic Me Mimic Me is a dynamic app that blends elements of social networking and pictures into a fun game that you can play with your friends. Seeking Designer & Developer 25% Equity 0 Details
Erica Studyspace network where disconnected, nontradional students can link up with other independent studiers to learn from each other; help with homework etc Development phase A percentmoney to help create code! 0 Details
Ryan MyNews Provide Personal Daily Radio Using Synced Podcasts Ideas Phase Incorporation in the with possible future stake. 1 Details
BuildItWithMe Sample Idea This would be a quick overview of the application... Planning, Designing... What would you like? 1 Details
Alex Lentz Just another idea this is the quick overview of the applicatnion Seeking Developer 50% Equity 0 Details
BuildItWithMe Just an idea this is the quick overview of the applicatnion Seeking Developer 50% Equity 1 Details